Andalusia Day in Spain Date in the current year: February 28, 2024

Andalusia Day in Spain February 28 is annual observance of Andalusia Day in Spain. The day commemorates the referendum of 1980, that made the community of Andalusia fully autonomous.

The celebration of Andalusia Day (Día de Andalucia in Spanish) is followed by decoration of the balconies with the flag of Andalusia or bunting echoing its green and white bars. Cultural competitions are also traditional for the observation of the holiday.

The schools are closed for the so-called White Week in some parts of Andalusia. The Friday before White Week is often a cultural celebration at schools. The day begins with a traditional Andalusian breakfast, that consists of a slice of toast with a thin layer of olive oil and orange juice. Students color pictures that refer to history, customs and the symbols of Andalusia.

Andalusia Day usually coincides with the delivery of Medals of Andalusia, and local government names the favorite Andalusian sons. Andalusian flag is flown outside the building, where the parliament resides.

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