Serbian Constitutional Referendum Anniversary Date in the current year: October 29, 2024

Serbian Constitutional Referendum Anniversary Serbian Constitutional Referendum Anniversary is an unofficial observance held on October 29 in the Republic of Serbia. It commemorates the 2006 constitutional referendum that resulted in the adoption of the current Constitution of Serbia.

Serbia became a sovereign state in June 2006, following the Montenegrin independence referendum that led to the dissolution of the union between Serbia and Montenegro. On September 30, 2006, the National Assembly of Serbia (Serbian parliament) approved the final draft of new constitution that was intended to replace the previous constitution adopted in 1990, when Slobodan Milošević was President of Serbia.

Among the differences between the 1990 constitution and the 2006 draft were full independence of the National Bank of Serbia, adoption of the Serbian language and the Serbian Cyrillic alphabet as the official language and alphabet, respectively, special protection for the rights of minorities, children and mothers, greater freedom of information, and more.

The proposed text of the new Serbian constitution was put on referendum that was held on October 28 and 29, 2006. Of 6.6 million people entitled to vote, over 3.6 million participated in the referendum. 90.60% of those voting and 53.04% of the electorate supported the new constitution, and it went into force on November 8, 2006.

Although Serbian Constitution Referendum Anniversary is not an official holiday, this day is considered an important milestone in the country’s history.

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