United Kingdom

Unofficial Holidays

01/10/2024Birthday of the London Underground
01/24/2024National Peanut Butter Day
02/04/2024National Yorkshire Pudding Day in the UK
02/14/2024National Impotence Day
02/29/2024National Toast Day
03/03/2024National Mulled Wine Day
03/03/2024National Moscow Mule Day
04/14/2024National Leaverbread Day in Wales
05/29/2024Oak Apple Day in the UK
05/29/2024National Biscuit Day in the UK
06/05/2024Sausage Roll Day
06/07/2024National Fish & Chip Day in the UK
06/15/2024Beer Day Britain in the UK
07/06/2024National Kissing Day in the UK
07/16/2024National Cherry Day
08/11/2024National Bakewell Tart Day in the UK
08/22/2024National Burger Day in the UK
10/21/2024Apple Day in the UK
10/30/2024Mischief Night
11/09/2024British Pudding Day
12/29/2024National Get on the Scales Day

Cultural Observances

01/25/2024Robert Burns Day in Scotland
02/09/2024Welsh Language Music Day
02/28/2024Global Scouse Day
03/07/2024World Book Day in the UK and Ireland
04/06/2024Tartan Day
04/21/2024National Tea Day in the UK
05/05/2024Europe Day in the Council of Europe
05/09/2024Europe Day in the European Union
05/11/2024National Mills Weekend in the UK
05/12/2024National Mills Weekend in the UK
09/08/2024Education Sunday in the UK
09/16/2024Owain Glyndŵr Day in Wales
10/03/2024National Poetry Day
10/15/2024Shwmae Sumae Day in Wales
11/27/2024Lancashire Day in England

Folk Festivals

01/25/2024Saint Dwynwen's Day in Wales
06/23/2024St John's Eve
06/24/2024St John's Day (Midsummer)
11/05/2024Guy Fawkes Night
12/23/2024Tom Bawcock’s Eve in Mousehole

Other Observances

01/31/2024National Bug Busting Day in the UK
02/11/2024Racial Justice Sunday in the UK
03/13/2024No Smoking Day in the UK
03/21/2024National Single Parent Day (Single Parents’ Day)
04/23/2024Scouts’ Day
04/23/2024National Asparagus Day in the UK
06/15/2024National Bug Busting Day in the UK
06/16/2024Father's Day
06/21/2024Take Your Dog to Work Day
06/27/2024National Bingo Day
06/28/2024National Cream Tea Day in the UK
07/25/2024National Schizophrenia Awareness Day in the UK
10/06/2024Grandparents' Day in the UK
10/11/2024National Coming Out Day
10/31/2024National Bug Busting Day in the UK
12/07/2024Small Business Saturday UK

Professional Days

02/21/2024Mental Health Nurses Day
06/29/2024Armed Forces Day in the UK
09/09/2024Emergency Services Day in the UK

Anniversaries and Memorial Days

02/23/2024Shropshire Day in England
03/30/2024Cheshire Day in England
04/09/2024His Majesty’s Wedding Day in the UK
04/19/2024Primrose Day in the UK
04/22/2024Stephen Lawrence Day in the UK
04/25/2024Huntingdonshire Day in England
05/01/2024Staffordshire Day in England
05/06/2024Coronation Day in the UK
05/16/2024Middlesex Day in England
05/26/2024Northumberland Day in England
06/18/2024Waterloo Day in the UK
06/21/2024Day of Reflection
06/21/2024Suffolk Day in England
06/21/2024Shetland Flag Day in Scotland
06/21/2024Birthday of the Prince of Wales in the UK
06/22/2024Windrush Day in the UK
06/24/2024Bannockburn Day in Scotland
07/11/2024Eleventh Night in Northern Ireland
07/12/2024The Twelfth in Northern Ireland
07/14/2024Black Country Day in the UK
07/17/2024Birthday of the Queen Consort in the UK
07/27/2024Norfolk Day in England
07/29/2024Buckinghamshire Day in England
08/01/2024Minden Day
08/01/2024Yorkshire Day in England
09/03/2024Merchant Navy Day
09/08/2024His Majesty’s Accession Day in the UK
09/13/2024Roald Dahl Day
09/15/2024Battle of Britain Day
10/01/2024Lincolnshire Day in England
10/19/2024Oxfordshire Day in England
10/21/2024Trafalgar Day in the UK
10/25/2024Northamptonshire Day in England
11/10/2024Remembrance Sunday in the UK
11/14/2024Birthday of His Majesty the King in the UK
11/28/2024Bedfordshire Day in England

Religious Holidays

03/01/2024Saint David's Day in Wales
03/05/2024Cornwall Day (St. Piran’s Day)
03/10/2024Mothering Sunday (Mother's Day)
03/20/2024Durham Day (Saint Cuthbert’s Day)
03/29/2024Good Friday in Western Christianity
04/01/2024Easter Monday in Western Christianity
04/16/2024Orkney Day (Feast Day of Saint Magnus of Orkney)
05/26/2024Kent Day (Feast Day of Saint Augustine of Canterbury)
06/01/2024Dorset Day (Saint White’s Day)
06/04/2024Devon Day (Saint Petroc’s Day)
06/16/2024Sussex Day (Saint Richard’s Day)
07/15/2024Hampshire Day (Saint Swithun’s Day)

Ecological Observances

03/14/2024Dog Theft Awareness Day in the UK
04/26/2024National Hairball Awareness Day
05/03/2024Fox Day in the UK
08/08/2024Scottish Wildcat Day
08/12/2024Glorious Twelfth
10/06/2024National Badger Day in the UK
10/27/2024National Black Cat Day in the UK

Public Holidays

03/17/2024Saint Patrick’s Day
05/06/2024Labor Day / May Day Holiday
06/15/2024King’s Official Birthday in the UK
12/26/2024Saint Stephen’s Day / Boxing Day