Other Observances

01/29/2024National Trans Visibility Day in Brazil
04/23/2024Scouts’ Day
05/12/2024Mother’s Day
08/11/2024Father's Day in Brazil
08/29/2024National Lesbian Visibility Day in Brazil
09/13/2024National Cachaça Day in Brazil
11/10/2024National Wheat Day in Brazil

Cultural Observances

01/30/2024Saudade Day in Brazil
04/19/2024Indian Day in Brazil
05/05/2024International Day of the Portuguese Language and Culture (Lusophone Culture Day)
06/09/2024South American Football Day
06/24/2024Caboclo Day in Brazil
06/27/2024Mixed Race Day in Brazil
07/13/2024World Rock Day
07/20/2024Friend's Day
10/31/2024Saci Day in Brazil

Religious Holidays

02/12/2024Shrove Monday
02/13/2024Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras)
02/14/2024Ash Wednesday
03/29/2024Good Friday in Western Christianity
05/13/2024Pretos Velhos Festival in Brazil
05/30/2024Corpus Christi
12/24/2024Christmas Eve in Western Christianity

Professional Days

04/19/2024Brazilian Army Day
04/22/2024Fighter Aviation Day in Brazil
05/22/2024Brazilian Air Force Anniversary
06/11/2024Brazilian Navy Commemoration Day
08/03/2024Capoeirista Day in Brazil
08/25/2024Soldier's Day in Brazil
09/09/2024Administrators’ Day in Brazil
10/15/2024Teachers' Day in Brazil
10/23/2024Aviator's Day in Brazil
12/13/2024Sailor's Day in Brazil

Public Holidays

04/21/2024Tiradentes Day in Brazil
05/01/2024International Workers’ Day (Labor Day)
09/07/2024Independence Day in Brazil
10/12/2024Our Lady of Aparecida Day in Brazil
10/28/2024Civil Servants' Day in Brazil
11/02/2024All Souls' Day in Western Christianity
11/15/2024Republic Day in Brazil
12/31/2024Saint Sylvester’s Day / New Year’s Eve

Anniversaries and Memorial Days

04/22/2024Discovery Day in Brazil
07/09/2024Constitutionalist Revolution Day in São Paulo
11/19/2024Flag Day in Brazil
11/20/2024Black Awareness Day in Brazil

Unofficial Holidays

06/12/2024Lovers' Day in Brazil

Folk Festivals

06/23/2024St John's Eve
06/24/2024St John's Day (Midsummer)

Ecological Observances

09/21/2024Arbor Day in Brazil