Primož Trubar Day in Slovenia Date in the current year: June 8, 2024

Primož Trubar Day in Slovenia Slovenia annually celebrates Primož Trubar Day on June 8. This holiday commemorates life of Primož Trubar, the Protestant reformer and the author of the first printed book in Slovenian language.

Trubar was born in 1508 in the Duchy of Carniola, then the state of the Holy Roman Empire under the Habsburgs, nowadays part of Slovenia. He became a preacher and gradually leaned towards Protestantism. While a preacher, he wrote the first two books in Slovene and published them in Germany. One of these books also contained the first Slovene musical manuscript in print.

Trubar's deeds are considered very important for Slovenian language. He was commemorated on the 10 tolar banknote (Slovenian currency till introduction of euro) and on the Slovenian 1 euro coin. The Government of Slovenia proclaimed the year of 2008 the Year of Primož Trubar. His 500th birthday anniversary was celebrated across the country. Since 2008 June 8 is annually celebrated in Slovenia as Primož Trubar Day.

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