20-N in Spain Date in the current year: November 20, 2024

20-N in Spain 20-N is a symbolic abbreviation used in Spain to denote the death anniversaries of two controversial figures in the country's history, José Antonio Primo de Rivera and Francisco Franco. The date is mainly commemorated by far-right groups.

José Antonio Primo de Rivera was a lawyer and politician primarily remembered as the founder of Falange Española, a far-right political movement similar to early Italian fascism. During the Spanish Civil War, he was arrested by the Spanish republican government and charged with conspiracy and military insurrection. His execution was carried out on November 20, 1936.

Francisco Franco was a Spanish general who ruled Spain as a dictator from 1939 until his death in 1975. Franco's regime was characterized by the so-called White Terror, a series of politically-motivated acts of violence, including executions, forced labor, and imprisonment in concentration camps. Franco died on November 20, 1975, following a lengthy illness. His death marked the beginning of the country's transition to democracy.

On November 20, Spanish far-right groups mark 20-N by organizing public demonstrations. Main events take place at the Valley of the Fallen, the burial place of both José Antonio Primo de Rivera and Francisco Franco.

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