Holocaust Remembrance Day in Serbia Date in the current year: April 22, 2024

Holocaust Remembrance Day in Serbia Many countries around the world celebrate International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27. Some also have their own memorial days to honor the victims of antisemitism and genocide in Nazi Germany. For example, Holocaust Remembrance Day in Serbia (Dan sećanja na žrtve holokausta) is observed on April 22.

The full name of this observance is Memorial Day for the Victims of the Holocaust, Genocide and Other Victims of Fascism in the Second World War. It is an official remembrance day observed every year on April 22. Serbian Holocaust Remembrance Day is dedicated to the memory of the Serbs, Romani people and Jews who fell victim to crimes against humanity in the Independent State of Croatia (a WWII puppet state of Germany) and occupied Yugoslavia.

The date of April 22 was chosen to commemorate the escape attempt from the Jasenovac concentration camp. On April 22, 1945 over 1,000 prisoners revolted and tried to escape. Most were killed and less than 100 managed to escape. The next day, partisan units approached the camp and the liberation of Jasenovac began.

During the Holocaust in Serbia, the Nazis murdered approximately 14,500 Jews, which was over 90% of the total Jewish population. Thousands of Romani and Serbs were killed as well. On April 22, numerous memorial ceremonies are held across Slovakia to honor the memory of the victims of the Nazi regime.

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