Didgoroba in Georgia Date in the current year: August 12, 2024

Didgoroba in Georgia Didgoroba is Georgian holiday, that is annually observed on August 12. This holiday commemorates the Battle of Didgori on August 12, 1121. This is not an official holiday, but the festival is much loved by the nation.

The Battle of Didgori took place 40 km west of Tbilisi, modern capital of Georgia. The battle was fought between the armies of the Kingdom of Georgia and the Great Selijud Empire (medieval Turko-Persian empire, the predecessor of the Ottoman Empire. At that time the Great Selijud Empire was declining and King David IV of Georgia's decisive victory led to reconquest of Tbilisi, then-Muslim held city.

Preparations to Didgoroba are made several days before the feast day. The main events usually take place in the village of Didgori, the place where the battle was fought. Folk groups give free performances. President of Georgia often visits the celebration.

Georgians are attracted to Didgori not only by celebration of Didgoroba. People want to have a look at sword sculptures, that were erected on the Mound Didgori in the 1990s.

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