King Nangklao Memorial Day in Thailand Date in the current year: March 31, 2024

King Nangklao Memorial Day in Thailand Many kings of Thailand played important role in development of country, that is why the Thai celebrate several memorial days, commemorating their birth dates. King Nangklao Memorial Day is annually observed on March 31 to honor the third monarch of Siam.

King Nangklao, or Rama III, ruled Thailand from July 21, 1824 to April 2, 1851. His succession was very unusual, since it was not traditional. Nangklao was the son of a concubine, rather than a queen. His succession was perceived by foreign observers, since there was a legitimate successor of his father. But his father died suddenly without having named a successor to vice king. As there was no successor, senior officials elected a new king.

During the rein king Nangklao reestablished contacts with Western countries. British were supported by Thai fleet and elephants in the First Anglo-Burmese War. Rama III taught the Thai doctors Western practices. He is also known as a talented businessman and a supporter of the Chinese culture.

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