Vietnam Veterans’ Day in Australia (Long Tan Day) Date in the current year: August 18, 2024

Vietnam Veterans’ Day in Australia (Long Tan Day) August 18 is Vietnam Veterans’ Day (also known as Long Tan Day) in Australia. This day commemorates the Battle of Long Tan that was fought near Long Tan during the Vietnam War. It resulted in decisive Australian victory over North Vietnamese units and Viet Cong.

Australian involvement in the Vietnam War began in 1962, when the country sent 30 military advisors to provide tactical and logistical advice to the South Vietnamese. In 1965, the Australian government decided to upgrade its military commitment to the security of South Vietnam.

One of the most significant battles fought by Australian troops during the Vietnam War was the Battle of Long Tan. It took place in Phuoc Tuy Province on August 18, 1966. The North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong were aware that Australian troops were there to protect the province, so they decided to take them on.

The enemy lay in wait for Australian troops in a huge rubber plantation called Long Tan. When the enemy attacked, a little over a hundred Australian soldiers had to hold off 2,500 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong men. Despite this, Australian troops won the battle, having lost only 18 men. The Battle of Long Tan became the largest single unit battle fought by Australian troops.

Vietnam Veterans’ Day is observed annually throughout Australia to commemorate the Battle of Long Tan and to celebrate the contribution of Australian troops to maintaining peace in South Vietnam.

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