Cultural Observances

01/27/2024Family Literacy Day in Canada
03/20/2024International Francophonie Day
04/06/2024Tartan Day
04/15/2024American Sign Language Day
04/17/2024National Canadian Film Day
04/23/2024Canada Book Day
06/21/2024National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada
06/26/2024National Canoe Day
06/27/2024Canadian Multiculturalism Day
08/15/2024National Acadian Day in Canada

Unofficial Holidays

01/01/2024Polar Bear Plunge
03/03/2024National Moscow Mule Day
03/05/2024National Poutine Day
03/16/2024Saint Urho's Day
03/29/2024National Pita Day
04/11/2024National Poutine Day
06/10/2024Eat Flexitarian Day
08/03/2024Food Day Canada
10/15/2024National Shawarma Day
10/30/2024Mischief Night
12/07/2024National Christmas Tree Day in Canada
12/08/2024National Christmas Tree Day
12/17/2024National Maple Syrup Day
12/23/2024Tibb’s Eve in Newfoundland and Labrador

Anniversaries and Memorial Days

01/21/2024Lincoln Alexander Day in Canada
01/21/2024Flag Day in Quebec
02/15/2024National Flag of Canada Day
02/22/2024National Human Trafficking Awareness Day in Canada
03/07/2024Alexander Graham Bell Day
03/11/2024National COVID-19 Day
04/09/2024Vimy Ridge Day in Canada
04/24/2024Kapyong Day
04/25/2024Parental Alienation Awareness Day
04/28/2024Workers’ Memorial Day / National Day of Mourning in Canada
05/05/2024National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
06/02/2024Decoration Day in Canada
06/11/2024William Davis Miners' Memorial Day
06/23/2024National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Terrorism in Canada
06/24/2024National Day of Quebec
07/01/2024Memorial Day in Newfoundland and Labrador
07/09/2024Nunavut Day in Canada
07/28/2024A Day of Commemoration of the Great Upheaval
08/09/2024National Peacekeepers' Day in Canada
08/19/2024Discovery Day in Yukon
09/03/2024Merchant Navy Day
09/08/2024National Grandparents’ Day in Canada
10/15/2024Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day
10/18/2024Persons Day in Canada
11/08/2024National Aboriginal Veterans Day in Canada
12/06/2024National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women in Canada
12/11/2024Anniversary of the Statute of Westminster in Canada
12/13/2024Acadian Day of Remembrance

Folk Festivals

02/02/2024Groundhog Day
03/18/2024Sheelah’s Day
11/05/2024Guy Fawkes Night

Other Observances

02/06/2024Food Freedom Day in Canada
02/13/2024Wear Red Canada
02/24/2024Curling Day in Canada
02/28/2024Pink Shirt Day in Canada
04/07/2024Green Shirt Day in Canada
04/10/2024International Day of Pink in Canada
04/16/2024National Healthcare Decisions Day / Advance Care Planning Day
05/05/2024National Lemonade Day
05/07/2024National Child & Youth Mental Health Day in Canada
05/09/2024Canadian Viral Hepatitis Elimination Day
05/12/2024Mother’s Day
05/14/2024National Denim Day in Canada
05/28/2024National Multiple Births Awareness Day in Canada
05/28/2024National Reflexology Day in Canada
06/01/2024Intergenerational Day Canada
06/01/2024National Health and Fitness Day in Canada
06/10/2024Action Anxiety Day in Canada
06/16/2024Father's Day
06/21/2024Take Your Dog to Work Day
07/17/2024National Lottery Day
08/10/2024National Pickleball Day in Canada
09/30/2024Recovery Day in Canada
09/30/2024Orange Shirt Day in Canada
10/09/2024National Fire Prevention Day
10/11/2024National Coming Out Day
10/13/2024Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day
10/15/2024Idic15 Awareness Day in Canada
10/17/2024Purple Thursday
10/19/2024National Psoriatic Arthritis Day in Canada
10/24/2024Brain Cancer Awareness Day in Canada
11/19/2024National Enteropathic Arthritis Day in Canada
11/21/2024National Red Mitten Day in Canada
11/22/2024National Housing Day in Canada
12/02/2024Women’s Brain Health Day in Canada
12/17/2024Anti-Bullying Day in New Brunswick

Public Holidays

02/19/2024Family Day / Islander Day / Heritage Day / Louis Riel Day
03/17/2024Saint Patrick’s Day
05/20/2024Victoria Day in Canada
05/20/2024National Patriots’ Day in Quebec
07/01/2024Canada Day
08/05/2024Civic Holiday in Canada
09/02/2024Labor Day in the USA and Canada
09/30/2024National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada
10/14/2024Thanksgiving Day in Canada
11/11/2024Remembrance Day / Armistice Day
12/26/2024Saint Stephen’s Day / Boxing Day

Professional Days

02/21/2024Mental Health Nurses Day
03/01/2024Employee Appreciation Day
05/01/2024School Principals’ Day
05/01/2024National Physicians’ Day in Canada
06/02/2024Canadian Forces Day
10/16/2024Boss's Day

Religious Holidays

03/29/2024Good Friday in Western Christianity
04/01/2024Easter Monday in Western Christianity
06/24/2024Nativity of St John the Baptist

Ecological Observances

05/27/2024Bike Day in Canada
06/09/2024Canadian Rivers Day
09/25/2024National Tree Day in Canada