Kim Jong-un's Birthday in North Korea Date in the current year: January 8, 2024

Kim Jong-un's Birthday in North Korea January 8 is a very important holiday in North Korea. This is the day of Kim Jong-un's Birthday, the current leader of the country.

Kim Jong-un was born in 1983 and assumed power at the age of 28 after his father's death Kim Jong-il on December 28, 2011. Today Kim Jong-un is the youngest country leader in force.

Kim Jong-il began preparing Kim Jong-un for succession when Kim Jong-nam, the eldest son, fell out of grace in 2001 after he was caught to enter Japan on a fake passport to visit Disneyland in Tokyo. In 2009 Kim Jong-un was officially appointed as the successor of Kim Jong-il. In 2010 Kim Jong-un became the Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission, in April 2012 he became the First Chairman of the National Defense Commission. In December 2011 he became the Supreme Leader of North Korea.

Kim Jong-il before his death began a propaganda campaign to promote his youngest son as a successor and established his birthday as the day for the national holiday. Today Kim Jong-un's Birthday is celebrated in North Korea as a major holiday.

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