Battle of Chesma Day in Russia Date in the current year: July 7, 2024

Battle of Chesma Day in Russia Battle of Chesma Day is one of the Days of Military Honor in the Russian Armed Forces. It commemorates the victory of the Russian Empire over the Ottoman Empire in 1770. Battle of Chesma Day is celebrated on July 7, it is not a public holiday.

The Battle of Chesma was a naval battle fought during the so-called Orlov Revolt, a Greek uprising led by Count Orlov who commanded the Russian Navy in the Russo-Turkish War. The battle took place in the Çeşme (Chesma) Bay (present-day Turkey). It began on July 5, 1770 and lasted for three days.

Although Russian forces supported by Greek revolutionaries were outnumbered by Ottoman forces, the Russians won a decisive victory. The Ottoman Empire lost 15 ships on the line, 6 frigates and many small vessels as well as 11,000 men killed.

The in Battle of Chesma victory inspired great confidence in the Russian fleet and gave the Russian Empire temporary control over the Aegean Sea. It is considered to be one of the most outstanding victories won by Russia, thus its anniversary was declared a Day of Military Honor by President Boris Yeltsin.

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