Lawyers' Day in Bulgaria Date in the current year: April 16, 2024

Lawyers' Day in Bulgaria The lawyers of Bulgaria annually celebrate their professional day on April 16. Lawyers' Day is observed on the anniversary of adoption of the Tarnovo Constitution.

The Tarnovo Constitution was adopted in 1876 by the Constituent National Assembly held in Veliko Tarnovo. This document became the fundamental law of Bulgaria, when the country officially became the Kingdom of Bulgaria in 1908.

The Tarnovo Constitution was abolished in 1947, since it didn't meet the requirements of the Communist regime of the Soviet Union. It was replaced by another document, that was less liberal and democratic, than the Tarnovo Constitution.

The current Constitution of Bulgaria was adopted on July 12, 1991 by the 7th Grand National Assembly of Bulgaria. It defines country as a unitary parliamentary republic.

It's interesting, that previously Lawyer Day had been observed in Bulgaria on December 4, but the day was shifted at the initiative of the Union of Lawyers to the date of adoption of the Tarnovo Constitution. The idea was approved by the Council of Ministers in December 2010.

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