Victory Day in Tunisia Date in the current year: June 1, 2024

Victory Day in Tunisia Victory Day is an official flag day in Tunisia observed on June 1 each year. It commemorates the adoption of the Constitution of Tunisia in 1959. On this day, the Tunisian flag must be flown on all public buildings.

In the 19th century, Tunisia officially was a province of the Ottoman Empire, which enjoyed great autonomy. However, the bankruptcy of Tunisia and the decline of the Ottoman Empire eventually led to the establishment of the French protectorate of Tunisia in 1881.

The French improved Tunisian economics and social infrastructure, but they also assumed all important administrative positions. The discontent of the local population grew, leading to the emergence of the independence movement.

In 1950, the leader of the Tunisian nationalist movement Habib Bourgiba presented a program for gradual independence of Tunisia. However, France introduced reforms too slowly, which led to armed rebellions.

Tunisia finally achieved independence from France in 1956 as a constitutional monarchy. The monarchy in Tunisia was abolished in 1957, and a new constitution that officially declared Tunisia a democratic republic was adopted on June 1, 1959. This day is now celebrated as Victory Day.

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