Youth Day in China / Literary Day in Taiwan Date in the current year: May 4, 2024

Youth Day in China / Literary Day in Taiwan Youth Day is a Chinese holiday celebrated annually on May 4. It commemorates the May Fourth Movement. A similar holiday is observed in Taiwan, where it is called Literary Day.

The May Fourth Movement was an anti-imperialist, political, and cultural movement that emerged in the late 1910s. It grew out of student demonstrations that took place in the city of Beijing on May 4, 1919. The protesters objected to weak response of the Chinese government to the Treaty of Versailles. Protests spread throughout the country and lead to the upsurge of Chinese nationalism.

The May Fourth Movement is closely tied with the New Culture Movement. This movement emerged in the mid 1910s due to the disillusionment with traditional Chinese culture. Its members called for creation of the new western-oriented culture. The May 4 demonstrations marked a shift from cultural activities to political mobilization.

In 1949, May 4 was declared Youth Day in China to honor the students who started the demonstrations in 1919. Originally Taiwanese Youth Day was celebrated on May 4 as well. However, in 1954 it was moved to March 29 to commemorate the Second Guangzhou uprising. The holiday dedicated to the May Fourth Movement was renamed to Literary Day. It is not observed as a public holiday.

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