Memorial Day of 1990 Dushanbe Riots in Tajikistan Date in the current year: February 12, 2024

Memorial Day of 1990 Dushanbe Riots in Tajikistan Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, saw numerous anti-government riots on February 12-14, 1990. Memorial Day, that is observed on February 12, commemorates the death of 25 killed citizens of Dushanbe.

A massive Sumgait pogrom and anti-Armenian riots in the Azerbaijan SSR in 1988 were the events, that caused the Dushanbe riots of 1990. During the riots several Armenian families fled to Dushanbe to their relatives.

Some time later the false rumors were spread around the city, that several thousand Armenian refuges were given apartments in new residential communities in Dushanbe. The local residents began protesting against this decision. Several thousand people gathered for a demonstration near the building of the Central Committee of Tajik Communist Party. Soon the demonstrations turned violent, protesters demanded radical economical and political changes, Armenians, Russians and other ethnic minorities were attacked.

The order in Dushanbe was resorted by Soviet troops. The soldiers were allowed to fire for effect, the curfew was imposed. 25 died and 565 people were injured during the Dushanbe riots.

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