Pancasila Sanctity Day in Indonesia Date in the current year: October 1, 2024

Pancasila Sanctity Day in Indonesia October 1 is Pancasila Sanctity Day in Indonesia. This observance commemorates the events of 30 September Movement in 1965.

The pro-Communist officers of the Indonesian National Armed Forces staged a political revolt in early hours of October 1, 1965. Six army generals were kidnapped and later killed. Their bodies were dumped into the pit Lubang Buaya. Later that day the organization declared full control of media and communication outlets and took President of Indonesia under its protection. The coup failed by the end of the day in Jakarta and Java, more senior officers were killed on that day. Several days later the army blamed the Indonesian Communist Party in the coup attempt, that lead to death of hundreds of thousands of alleged communists.

A solemn ceremony is annually organized to mark Pancasila Sanctity Day at the Pancasila Sakti Monument. This monument stands on the place of he pit Lubang Buaya, where the bodies of dead senior officers were recovered the next day after suppression of the coup. President of Indonesia presides over the ceremony, which is attended by the Indonesian military personnel, members of Scout movement (Pramuka), officials, leaders and foreign ambassadors.

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