Veterans Day in Sweden Date in the current year: May 29, 2024

Veterans Day in Sweden Veterans Day (Veterandagen) is a Swedish observance held annually on May 29. It honors the people who are or have been serving with the Swedish Armed Forces, including those who died during their service.

Sweden has maintained a national policy of non-alignment since the First World War. Nevertheless, units from the Swedish Armed Forces participate in the United Nations peacekeeping operations, including Afghanistan as part of the International Security Assistance Force and in Kosovo. In 2010, Sweden abolished peacetime conscription and began transitioning to professional army. As of 2017, the Swedish Armed Forces have active personnel of about 25,000 and reserve personnel of about 29,000.

Veterans Day in Sweden is celebrated on the same day as International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers, May 23. UN Peacekeepers Day was established by the General Assembly in 2002, and Veterans Day in Sweden gained official status in 2011 and has been observed every year ever since.

Veterans Day is marked with an official commemorative ceremony that takes place in Stockholm, in front of the Maritime Museum and next to the memorial to the Swedish sailors who died during the Second World War. The ceremony involves members of the armed forces and is attended by members of the Swedish Royal Family.

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