Goa Liberation Day Date in the current year: December 19, 2018

Goa Liberation Day Goa, as well as other Indian states, celebrates a number of public holidays. Some of them are celebrated only locally, like Goa Liberation Day, that annually falls on December 19.

For a long time territory of India was under British control and only the state of Goa was administered by Portugal. When India gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1947, Goa became the only state under foreign administration. Other small territories of India administered by France were quickly surrendered to Indian obsession, but Portugal refused to give up it's holdings.

The struggle towards liberation of Goa from the Portuguese rule started outside and inside the territory of the state. The International Court of Justice stated that Portugal had a right to the enclaves, but India also had a right to deny Portugal access to the enclaves over Indian territory.

On December 16, 1961 Indian troops conducted Operation Vijay. The troops crossed the border of Goa and involved air and sea strikes, that lasted for 36 hours. Portuguese forces surrendered on December 19, and Goa, as well as the Portuguese colonies of Daman and Diu, were formed into a single Indian state.

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