National Life Day in Poland Date in the current year: March 24, 2024

National Life Day in Poland National Life Day (Narodowy Dzień Życia) is an official holiday declared by parliamentary resolution in Poland. It was established by a resolution of Sejm on August 27, 2004. The holiday is observed annually on March 24, the day before the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Western Churches.

National Life Day in Poland focuses on the value of human life. Its main goal is to raise public awareness of the importance of a responsible approach to starting a family, as well as to support and celebrate large families. Almost every iteration of National Life Day has had a motto reflecting a certain aspect of family life and family planning, such as the roles of mother and father in upbringing, the importance of marital fidelity, etc.

In fact, National Life Day was inaugurated to support the state policy on abortion. Abortion in Poland is illegal except in the following three circumstances: when the pregnancy is a result of rape, when the pregnancy endangers the woman’s life, or when the fetus is severely malformed. In 2016, 30,000 women went on strike to protest a proposed bill to ban adoption altogether.

Like other holidays declared by a resolution of Sejm, National Life Day is normally a working day unless it falls on a weekend.

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