King's Birthday in Sweden Date in the current year: April 30, 2024

King's Birthday in Sweden The King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf celebrates his birthday on April 30. King's Birthday is a very popular holiday in Sweden and it's celebrated nationwide.

Carl XVI Gustaf succeeded his grandfather Gustaf VI Adolf on September 15, 1973 at the age of 27. His father Gustaf Adolf should have become the successor, but he was killed in an airplane crash on January 26, 1947. Carl XVI Gustaf is married to Silvia Sommerlath and they have three children (Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine) and two grandchildren (Princess Estelle and Princess Leonor).

King's reign was marked by a passage of a new law, that established absolute primogeniture on January 1, 1980. This was the first such law passed in the European history. Absolute primogeniture cancels the preferences to the heir regarding the gender or order of precedence. Today absolute primogeniture is used in almost every European monarchy, except Spain, Lichtenstein and Monaco.

The Swedes love to celebrate King's Birthday, that is usually called King's Day. Different spectacular events are organized across the country, and the King personally accepts congratulations and presents from his subjects.

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