Anniversary of the Easter Rising in Ireland Date in the current year: March 31, 2024

Anniversary of the Easter Rising in Ireland The leaders of the Irish independence movement, Irish republicans, mounted the rising to end British rule in Ireland during Easter Week in 1916. The rising lasted from April 24 to 29 and it is known as the Easter Rising. Nowadays the Irish annually commemorate the anniversary of the Easter Rising during Easter Week.

The rising took place in Dublin and in several places outside and it lasted for 6 days. The leaders of the revolt seized key locations in Dublin and proclaimed the Irish Republic, that was independent from the UK. However, the uprising was suppressed by the British army. Most of the leaders of the Easter Rising were executed following courts-martial. Although the rising was not successful, it brought physical force republicanism back to the forefront of Irish politics.

During the rising 318 Irish were killed by the British troops, 2,217 more wounded. Those, who died during the rising, nowadays are considered as martyrs.

The anniversary of the Easter Rising had been annually observed with military parades till the 1970s. The official view of the Easter Rising grew more positive in the 1990s and the military parades were resumed again. Nowadays the anniversary of the Easter Rising is observed during Easter Week, but not on April 24, when it actually began. However, the fixation of the date for commemoration has been debated in recent years.

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