Matica Slovenská Day in Slovakia Date in the current year: August 4, 2024

Matica Slovenská Day in Slovakia Matica Slovenská Day is a remembrance day in Slovakia, that is observed every year on August 4. This day commemorates the day, when the main scientific and cultural institution of Slovakia was established in 1863.

The Matica slovenská is a scientific and cultural institution, that focuses on topics around the Slovak nation. It was established in 1863 as an effort of the Slovak nation to lay foundations of science, libraries and museums in Slovakia.

The idea of establishment of the Matica slovenská was inspired by establishment of alike institutions in Serbia, and the Czech Republic. The Matica existed only till 1875, when it was abolished by Hungarian administration (at that time Slovakia was a part of the Kingdom of Hungary). The main reason for abolishment was that the Matica was “against the government” and an “anti-patriotic” institution.

The Matica couldn't resume its scientific activities till dissolution of the Kingdom of Hungary and establishment of Czechoslovakia in 1918. The second Matica was opened on August 5, 1919 and it played an important role in further development of Slovak culture.

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