Alfred Nobel Day Date in the current year: December 10, 2018

Alfred Nobel Day December 10 is annual Alfred Nobel Day, a set of awards bestowed in number of categories, held in Sweden and Norway. This one of the most prestige awards in the world, that is why it takes almost a year to get ready for the event.

Nobel Prize was established by Alfred Nobel in 1895 to recognize cultural and scientific advances, that are important for the mankind. The first prizes in Chemistry, Physics, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and Peace were awarded in 1901. The Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo, Norway, while others categories are awarded in Stockholm, Sweden.

Nobel Prize laureates are awarded with a gold medal, a diploma and a sum of money. The sum is decided by the Nobel Foundation. The prize can not be shared among more than three recipients and award is never given posthumously.

The award ceremony is followed by a banquet, that is traditionally held in the Blue Hall, Stockholm. The banquet features a three-course dinner, dancing and entertainment. The banquet in Norway is held at the Oslo Grand Hotel. It features a five-course meal, music and dancing as well.

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