Chuuk Liberation Day in Micronesia Date in the current year: September 23, 2024

Chuuk Liberation Day in Micronesia The Federated States of Micronesia consists of four states (Chuuk, Kosrae, Pohnpei and Yap), and each of them, except for Yap, officially celebrates the anniversary of liberation from Japanese occupation after World War II. Chuuk Liberation Day, for example, is celebrated on September 23.

The state of Chuuk, formerly known as Truk, consists of several island groups, the most populated being Chuuk Lagoon. The islands of Chuuk were first sighted by Spanish navigator Álvaro de Saavedra in 1528. As part of the Caroline Islands, they were claimed by Spain in the late 19th century. In 1899, Spain sold the Carolines to the German Empire.

During World War I, the archipelago was occupied by Imperial Japan. Following Germany’s defeat in the war, the League of Nations granted Japan a mandate over the Caroline Islands. During World War II, Japan’s most important stronghold in the South Pacific theater was located in Truk Lagoon. It included a naval base, an airport, and a communications headquarters through which all Japanese naval operations in Micronesia were coordinated.

In February 1944, the United States Navy carried out a massive attack on Truk Lagoon. The Americans didn’t seize the islands, but isolated them, leaving the Japanese forces on Truk stranded and cut off from the rest of the Japanese navy. The British Pacific Fleet carried out another attack on Truk Lagoon in June 1945.

Emperor Hirohito announced the capitulation Japan on August 15, 1945. It was signed on September 2, ending World War II, but it took a few more weeks for the Allies to formally accept the surrender of the Japanese troops stationed in the Pacific. Truuk, for example, was officially liberated from Japanese occupation on September 23, 1945.

Compared to Kosrae and Pohnpei, Liberation Day celebrations in Chuuk are rather modest. The state government doesn’t plan any ceremonies, parades, or sporting events to commemorate the liberation from Japanese occupation. However, September 23 is a public holiday, so schools, banks, and government offices are closed.

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