Gallipoli Memorial Day in Turkey Date in the current year: March 18, 2023

Gallipoli Memorial Day in Turkey Gallipoli Memorial Day is annually observed in Turkey on March 18. This day commemorates the naval operation in the Dardanelles Campaign, carried out by the Turks during the First World War.

The naval operations of the Dardanelles Campaign (also known as the Gallipoli Campaign) began on February 19, 1915 on the Gallipoli peninsula in the Ottoman Empire. Then the Anglo-French fleet bombarded the Ottoman forts, but this attack was not effective. The decisive battle was scheduled for March 18. However, the initial idea of this battle was not realized.

The Turks oversaw the attack and laid a line of mines in Eren Köy Bay along the shore. The Turks knew that the British and French would clear the minefields, since they could be clearly seen in water. However, they have made several changes in their minefields and the Allied forces failed to properly reconnoiter the area. As the result Anglo-French fleet suffered heavy losses and the Turks won the battle.

The Dardanelles Campaign was one of the greatest Ottoman victories during World War I and a major Allied failure. Victory in the Gallipoli Campaign is considered by the Turks as the defining moment in the nation's history.

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