Professional Days

01/01/2023Bank and Finance Employees Day in Belarus
01/05/2023Social Workers’ Day in Belarus
01/19/2023Rescuer's Day in Belarus
01/29/2023Belarusian Science Day
03/04/2023Belarusian Militia Day
03/18/2023Day of Internal Troops in Belarus
04/02/2023Geologist Day
04/08/2023Day of Military Commissariat Employees
04/09/2023Air Defense Forces Day
05/05/2023Press Day in Belarus
05/07/2023Radio Day
05/28/2023Chemical Industry Workers' Day
05/28/2023Border Guard Day in Russia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan
06/11/2023Light Industry Workers Day
06/18/2023Health Worker's Day
06/24/2023Day of Inventors and Innovators in Russia and Belarus
06/26/2023Prosecutor’s Office Employees Day in Belarus
06/30/2023Economist Day in Belarus
07/02/2023Day of Water Transport Workers in Russia and Belarus
07/09/2023Day of Tax Office Workers in Belarus
07/16/2023Day of Metallurgist
07/25/2023Fire Service Day in Belarus
07/30/2023Retail Employees' Day in Ukraine and Belarus
08/02/2023Airborne Forces Day
08/05/2023Financial Investigation Authorities Foundation Anniversary in Belarus
08/06/2023Railroad Workers' Day in Russia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan
08/13/2023Builders' Day
08/15/2023Archaeologist Day
08/23/2023National Statistical Committee Worker's Day in Belarus
08/27/2023Miner's Day
09/03/2023Day of Oil, Gas and Petroleum Industry
09/12/2023Investigative Committee Day in Belarus
09/15/2023Libraries Day in Belarus
09/16/2023Surgeon Day
09/17/2023Forestry and Timber Industry Worker's Day
09/20/2023Customs Officer's Day in Belarusia
09/24/2023Mechanical Engineer's Day
10/01/2023Teacher's Day
10/06/2023Archivist’s Day in Belarus
10/08/2023Cultural Workers' Day in Belarus
10/15/2023Pharmaceutical and Microbiological Industry Employees Day in Belarus
10/29/2023Day of Automobile Workers
11/05/2023Civil Aviation Workers' Day in Belarus
11/19/2023Agricultural Workers' Day
11/19/2023Missile Troops and Artillery Day
12/03/2023Lawyer's Day in Belarus
12/17/2023Day of Belarusian Cinema
12/20/2023Security Service Workers' Day
12/22/2023Energy Industry Day

Religious Holidays

01/07/2023Christmas in Eastern Christianity
04/16/2023Easter in Eastern Christianity
04/25/2023Radunitsa (Ancestor Veneration Day)
06/04/2023Pentecost in Eastern Christianity

Unofficial Holidays

01/14/2023Old New Year
03/25/2023Freedom Day in Belarus

Anniversaries and Memorial Days

02/15/2023Memorial Day of Warriors-Internationalists
03/15/2023Constitution Day in Belarus
05/14/2023State Flag and State Emblem Day in Belarus
06/22/2023Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Great Patriotic War
11/02/2023Dziady (Commemoration of the Dead) in Belarus

Public Holidays

02/23/2023Defender of the Fatherland Day
03/08/2023International Women’s Day
05/01/2023International Workers’ Day (Labor Day)
05/09/2023Victory Day
07/03/2023Independence Day in Belarus
09/17/2023National Unity Day in Belarus
11/07/2023October Revolution Day in Belarus

Cultural Observances

04/02/2023Unity of Peoples of Russia and Belarus Day
06/25/2023Day of Friendship and Unity of the Slavs
09/03/2023Day of Belarusian Written Language

International Observances

06/01/2023International Day for Protection of Children
09/01/2023Knowledge Day

Ecological Observances

06/05/2023Environment Protection Day in Belarus
07/01/2023Dnieper Day

Other Observances

06/25/2023Youth and Students Day in Belarus
10/14/2023Mother's Day in Belarus

Folk Festivals

07/07/2023Ivan Kupala Day