Kashmir Martyrs’ Day Date in the current year: July 13, 2024

Kashmir Martyrs’ Day Kashmir Martyrs’ Day is observed annually on July 13 in Kashmir, a geographical region of the Indian subcontinent that is the subject of a territorial conflict between India and Pakistan. Martyrs’ Day, however, isn’t directly related to the conflict, although it does have some connections to its background.

Kashmir is the northernmost geographical region of the Indian subcontinent. It is divided into three parts that are controlled by India, Pakistan, and China. In 1846, Raja Gulab Singh of Jammu signed a treaty with the British East India Company and accepted British sovereignty. After the dissolution of the Company, Jammu and Kashmir became part of British Raj within the British Empire.

In 1925, Hari Singh became the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir. Singh belonged to a Hindu Dogra dynasty, while Jammu and Kashmir had a predominantly Muslim population. During his rule, Muslims were generally poor, and their interests were not adequately represented. The ban of Muslim sermons in 1931 caused widespread demonstrations in the city of Jammu.

One of the protesters, Abdul Qadeer, was arrested on the charge of terrorism. He was to be tried in court, but due to large public resentment, the court was shifted to a jail in Srinagar. On the day of the court (July 13, 1931) thousands of people gathered in front of the jail. The soldiers that were guarding the jail opened fire when some of the protesters tried to stand up for Qadeer. 22 people were shot dead. Kashmir Martyrs’ Day was created to honor their memory.

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