Anfal Genocide Memorial Day Date in the current year: April 14, 2024

Anfal Genocide Memorial Day Anfal Genocide Memorial Day is an official remembrance day in Iraqi Kurdistan, an autonomous region in Northern Iraq. It is dedicated to the victims of the genocide committed during Saddam Hussein’s rule.

During the Iran—Iraq War fought between 1980 and 1988, Kurdistan was a battlefield between Saddam Hussein’s troops and Iraqi Kurds supported by Tehran. During the war, the Iraqi government implemented anti-Kurdish politics in an attempt to draw Kurds out of northern Iran.

The Al-Anfal campaign began in 1985 and peaked in 1988. Its name was taken from Sura 8 in the Quran, entitled Surat al-Anfal, which means “The Spoils of War”. The campaign included chemical warfare, firing squads, mass deportation, aerial bombing, ground offensive, and destruction of settlements.

The Anfal genocide killed between 50,000 and 182,000 Kurds and wiped out about 4,000 villages in Iraqi Kurdistan. Along with Kurds, victims of chemical warfare campaigns were 2,000 Assyrian Christians.

Anfal Genocide Memorial Day was officially established by the Kurdistan Regional Government in 2007. It is observed annually on April 14. The remembrance day is marked with solemn ceremonies held throughout Iraqi Kurdistan.

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