Croatian Diplomacy Day Date in the current year: June 7, 2024

Croatian Diplomacy Day Croatian Diplomacy Day (Dan hrvatske diplomacije) is an annual observance held on June 7. It was established to commemorate the initial recognition of the Croatian state in 879.

In 879, Duke Zdeslav of Croatia was killed in an uprising led by Branimir. Branimir became the new ruler of the Duchy of Croatia. He was a proponent of Rome and wanted to bring his people away from the Byzantine influence. He wrote to Pope John VIII, affirming the split of Croatia from the Byzantine Empire and revealing his intention to entrust Croatia to the Apostolic See.

In 879, the Pope gave his blessing to Duke Branimir and the entire Croatian people. He confirmed it in a letter from June 7, 879. Thus Croatia became de jure independent and was officially recognized, as at that time it was the Pope that gave international legitimacy.

The anniversary of the historic recognition of Croatia is now celebrated as Croatian Diplomacy Day. It can be considered a professional holiday of all members of the diplomatic staff of Croatian diplomatic missions across the world and all employees of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia. Croatian Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration typically makes an official address on the occasion.Remind me with Google Calendar


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