Flag-Flying Day for Denmark’s Deployed Personnel Date in the current year: September 5, 2024

Flag-Flying Day for Denmark’s Deployed Personnel Denmark has a number of official flag flying days, when all public institutions must fly the national flag. They include national days, religious holidays, birthdays in the Royal Family, and military flag-flying days. For example, on September 5, the national flag of Denmark is flown in honor of all deployed Danish soldiers.

Most military flag-flying days in Denmark commemorate battles that have made an impact on the country’s history. They include the battle of Mysunde (February 2, 1864), the assault on Copenhagen (February 11, 1659), the battle of Copenhagen (April 2, 1801), the battle of Dybbøl (April 18, 1864), the battle of Heligoland (May 9, 1864), the battle of Fredericia (July 6, 1849), the battle of Isted (July 25, 1850), and the assault on Friedrichstadt (October 4, 1850).

However, there is one exception. Instead of commemorating the glorious battles of the past, the flag-flying day for Denmark’s deployed personnel honors those members of Danish Defense who serve in humanitarian missions and peacekeeping operations. It was inaugurated in 2009 to acknowledge the contribution of Danish soldiers to the fight against international terrorism.

Supporting international peacekeeping efforts and providing humanitarian aid are secondary tasks of Danish Defense in addition to defending the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Denmark. Although the number of Denmark’s deployed personnel isn’t that big (just a little over 800 as of May 2018), they undoubtedly contribute to the struggle for peace.

On flag-flying days, including September 5, all public institution in Denmark must fly the state flag. The flag is usually raised on 8 a.m. and lowered at sunset (usually around 7 p.m., but no later than 8 p.m.). Private companies and individuals are not obliged to fly the national flag, but many do it as a sign of respect and pride for their country.

In addition to flag raising ceremonies, flag-flying day for Denmark’s deployed personnel features special events honoring members of Danish Defense, such as church services, parades, receptions, memorial ceremonies, and more.

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