Anniversaries and Memorial Days

01/20/2024Commemoration Day of Defenders of the Barricades in Latvia
01/26/2024Day of the International Recognition of Latvia
03/16/2024Latvian Legion Day
03/25/2024Memorial Day for the Victims of Communist Terror in Latvia
05/09/2024Day of Remembrance for Victims of the War in Ukraine in Latvia
06/14/2024Day of Mourning in the Baltic Countries
06/17/2024Occupation of the Latvian Republic Day in Latvia
06/22/2024Heroes' Remembrance Day in Latvia
07/04/2024Day of Remembrance of Jewish Genocide in Latvia
08/11/2024Latvian Freedom Fighters' Remembrance Day
08/21/2024Passing of the Constitutional Law on the Status of the Republic of Latvia as a State and Actual Restoration of the Republic of Latvia
09/22/2024Day of the Baltic Unity
11/11/2024Lāčplēsis Day in Latvia
12/01/2024Commemoration Day of Victims of Genocide Against the Latvian People by the Totalitarian Communist Regime in Latvia

Cultural Observances

03/20/2024International Francophonie Day
05/05/2024Europe Day in the Council of Europe
05/09/2024Europe Day in the European Union
09/08/2024Father's Day in Latvia

Ecological Observances

03/22/2024Baltic Sea Day
07/13/2024Sea and Fishermen's Festival in Latvia

Religious Holidays

03/29/2024Good Friday in Western Christianity
04/01/2024Easter Monday in Western Christianity
06/24/2024Nativity of St John the Baptist
12/24/2024Christmas Eve in Western Christianity

Folk Festivals

04/30/2024Walpurgis Night
06/23/2024St John's Eve
06/24/2024St John's Day (Midsummer)

Public Holidays

05/01/2024International Workers’ Day (Labor Day)
05/01/2024Day of Convocation of the Constitutional Assembly in Latvia
05/04/2024Restoration of Independence Day in Latvia
11/18/2024Proclamation of the Republic in Latvia
12/26/2024Saint Stephen’s Day / Boxing Day
12/31/2024Saint Sylvester’s Day / New Year’s Eve

Other Observances

05/12/2024Mother’s Day

Professional Days

05/17/2024Firefighters’ Day in Latvia
10/06/2024Teacher's Day

International Observances

06/01/2024International Day for Protection of Children