Day of Combat Against British Colonialism in Iran Date in the current year: September 3, 2019

Day of Combat Against British Colonialism in Iran On the 12th day of the Iranian month of shahrivar, which corresponds to September 3 in the Gregorian calendar, Iranians celebrate the Day of Combat Against British Colonialism. This memorial day was established to honor the sacrifice of Rais Ali Delvari, an independence activist and a national hero of Iran.

Although Persia (present-day Iran) was formally neutral in the First World War, its forces were affected by the rivalry between the Central Powers and the Allied Powers. Besides, both Russia and Britain sought to strengthen their positions in Persia after its territory had been divided into three spheres of influence (Russian, British and neutral) under the Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907.

Many Persian patriots felt that their country had become nothing more than a Russian and British protectorate, so they began to plot rebellions to change the situation. On July 12, 1915, anti-British colonialism activist Rais Ali Delvari attempted an attack on the British residency in Bushehr. The attack failed and the British government sent additional forces to strengthen its positions in the city.

The struggle between the British forces and the anti-colonialists who were supported by Germany reached its peak on September 3, 1915. Several leaders of the anti-colonial movement were killed during bloody clashes, including Rais Ali Delvari.

To honor his sacrifice, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Iran designated September 3 (Delvari’s death anniversary) as the Day of Combat Against British Colonialism.

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