Cultural Observances

01.01KwanzaaUSA, Canada
01.01International Nepali Dhoti and Topi Day
06.01Maroon Festival in JamaicaJamaica
08.01Yinekokratia in GreeceGreece
13.01Korean American DayUSA
15.01Hangul Day in North KoreaNorth Korea
17.01Kid Inventors' Day
23.01National Handwriting DayUSA
25.01National Tourism Day in IndiaIndia
25.01Robert Burns Day in ScotlandUnited Kingdom
27.01Family Literacy Day in CanadaCanada
27.01Feast of Saint Sava in SerbiaBosnia Herzegovina, Serbia
30.01Saudade Day in BrazilBrazil
02.02National Space Technology Day in IranIran
05.02Birthday of Johan Ludvig Runeberg in FinlandFinland
05.02Lunar (Chinese) New YearBhutan, Brunei, China, Christmas Island, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mongolia, Nepal, North Korea, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Suriname, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam
06.02Sami National DayNorway, Finland, Sweden, Russia
08.02Prešeren Day in SloveniaSlovenia
10.02Kurdish Authors Union DayIraq
13.02Children’s Day in MyanmarMyanmar
14.02Parents’ Worship Day in IndiaIndia
14.02International Book Giving Day
15.02ENIAC Day
18.02Kurdish Students Union DayIraq
19.02Book Giving Day in ArmeniaArmenia
24.02National Artist Day in ThailandThailand
27.02Marathi Language Day in IndiaIndia
27.02Islamic Education Day in IranIran
28.02Andalusia Day in SpainSpain
28.02Kalevala Day (Finnish Culture Day) in FinlandFinland
28.02National Science Day in IndiaIndia
01.03Beer Day in IcelandIceland
01.03Gratitude Day in KazakhstanKazakhstan
02.03Read Across America DayUSA
04.03National Grammar Day in the United StatesUSA
05.03Day of Physical Culture and Sport in AzerbaijanAzerbaijan
05.03Charity Day in IranIran
07.03World Book Day in the UK and IrelandIreland, United Kingdom
10.03National Theater Day in AzerbaijanAzerbaijan
11.03World Day of Muslim Culture, Peace, Dialogue and Film
11.03Johnny Appleseed Day in the USAUSA
12.03Girl Scout Birthday in the USAUSA
14.03Mother Tongue Day in EstoniaEstonia
14.03Summer Day in AlbaniaAlbania
16.03Book Smugglers Day in LithuaniaLithuania
17.03Saint Patrick’s DayIreland, Canada, United Kingdom, Montserrat
17.03National Muay Thai Day in ThailandThailand
19.03Kashubian Unity Day in PolandPoland
19.03Saint Joseph’s Day in Western Christianity / Father’s DayAustralia, Vatican City, Malta, Spain, Switzerland, Venezuela, Liechtenstein
20.03International Francophonie DayAlbania, Armenia, Andorra, Belgium, Benin, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Vanuatu, Vietnam, Gabon, Haiti, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Greece, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Dominica, Egypt, Cape Verde, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Cyprus, Comoros, Ivory Coast, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Mauritania, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Moldova, Monaco, Niger, Republic of the Congo, Macedonia, Rwanda, Romania, Sao Tome and Principe, Seychelles, Senegal, Saint Lucia, Togo, Tunisia, Ukraine, France, Central African Republic, Chad, Switzerland, Equatorial Guinea
20.03UN French Language Day
20.03World Storytelling Day
21.03NowruzAfghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uruguay
21.03Harmony Day in AustraliaAustralia
23.03Day of Hungarian-Polish FriendshipHungary, Poland
25.03Tolkien Reading Day
25.03EU Talent DayEuropean Union
27.03World Theater Day
27.03Performing Arts Day in IranIran
01.04Edible Book Day
02.04International Children's Book Day
02.04Unity of Peoples of Russia and Belarus DayBelarus, Russia
02.04Thai Heritage Conservation DayThailand
03.04World Party Day
05.04Qingming Festival (Tomb Sweeping Day)China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan
06.04Tartan DayCanada, USA, United Kingdom, Argentina
07.04A Drop of Water Is a Grain of Gold Holiday in TurkmenistanTurkmenistan
08.04International Day of the Roma
09.04Day of the Finnish LanguageFinland
10.04Siblings Day in the USAUSA
11.04International Louie Louie Day
14.04Pan American DayHonduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Uruguay, USA
14.04Day of the Georgian LanguageGeorgia
14.04Dhivehi Language Day in the MaldivesMaldives
14.04N'Ko Alphabet DayGuinea, Ivory Coast, Mali
15.04World Day of Culture
15.04World Art Day
15.04Day of Love in GeorgiaGeorgia
15.04Lovers' Day in KazakhstanKazakhstan
18.04International Day for Monuments and Sites
19.04Indian Day in BrazilBrazil
20.04Record Store Day
20.04UN Chinese Language Day
20.04World Circus Day
21.04Vietnam Book DayVietnam
23.04Saint George’s DaySpain, Vatican City
23.04UN English Language Day
23.04International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day
23.04Canada Book DayCanada
24.04International Sculpture Day
25.04DNA Day in the USAUSA
25.04Red Hat Society Day
27.04World Tai Chi and Qigong Day
29.04International Dance Day
29.04National Canadian Film DayCanada
30.04Carnival Day in Sint MaartenSint Maarten
30.04Rincon Day on BonaireBonaire, St Eustatius and Saba
01.05Lei Day in HawaiiUSA
02.05National Education Day in IndonesiaIndonesia
02.05Polish Diaspora DayPoland
03.05Turkism Day
04.05Youth Day in China / Literary Day in TaiwanChina, Taiwan
04.05Dave Brubeck Day in the United StatesUSA
05.05Cinco de MayoUSA, Mexico
05.05Europe Day in the Council of EuropeAustria, Azerbaijan, Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia Herzegovina, United Kingdom, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, France, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia
05.05International Day of the Portuguese Language and Culture (Lusophone Culture Day)Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, East Timor, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Equatorial Guinea, Mauritius
07.05Lithuanian Press Restoration, Language and Book DayLithuania
09.05Europe Day in the European UnionAustria, Belgium, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Estonia
10.05Book Day in GermanyGermany
11.05National Mills Day in the NetherlandsNetherlands
11.05National Mills Weekend in the UKUnited Kingdom
12.05National Mills Weekend in the UKUnited Kingdom
12.05Day of the Finnish IdentityFinland
15.05Persian Language Day in IranIran
16.05Vyshyvanka Day in UkraineUkraine
17.05Galician Literature DaySpain
18.05International Museum Day
18.05Europe Day in UkraineUkraine
21.05Afro-Colombian Day in ColombiaColombia
24.05Saint Cyril and Methodius Day in the Eastern Orthodox ChurchRussia, Bulgaria, Macedonia
25.05National Tap Dance Day in the USAUSA
27.05Libraries DayKyrgyzstan, Russia
06.06UN Russian Language Day
07.06Dragon Boat FestivalChina, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau
09.06South American Football DayArgentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador
11.06Kamehameha Day in HawaiiUSA
16.06Bloomsday in IrelandIreland
21.06World Music Day
21.06National Aboriginal Day in CanadaCanada
23.06Fitness and Sports Day in ArmeniaArmenia
24.06Inti Raymi in PeruPeru
24.06Caboclo Day in BrazilBrazil
25.06Day of Friendship and Unity of the SlavsRussia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Belarus, Bulgaria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Croatia
27.06Magtymguly Poetry Day in TurkmenistanTurkmenistan
27.06Canadian Multiculturalism DayCanada
27.06Mixed Race Day in BrazilBrazil
28.06Family Day in VietnamVietnam
29.06National Sports Day in FijiFiji
30.06Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day in the PhilippinesPhilippines
01.07Tartan Day in Australia and New ZealandAustralia, New Zealand
04.07National Tom Sawyer DaysUSA
05.07Saints Cyril and Methodius Day in the Czech Republic and SlovakiaCzech Republic, Slovakia
06.07Birthday of Eino Leino in FinlandFinland
07.07Tanabata Festival in JapanJapan
08.07Family, Love and Faith Day in RussiaRussia
08.07Family Day in UkraineUkraine
09.07National Children’s Literature Day in IranIran
11.07Naadam Festival in MongoliaMongolia
11.07Bandoneon DayArgentina
12.07Hijab and Chastity Day in IranIran
15.07Sabantuy in AzerbaijanAzerbaijan
20.07Friend's DayArgentina, Brazil, Uruguay
20.07Lempira Day in HondurasHonduras
21.07Racial Harmony Day in SingaporeSingapore
25.07National Baha'i Day in JamaicaJamaica
27.07National Dance Day in the USAUSA
29.07National Thai Language DayThailand
29.07Mohun Bagan Day in IndiaIndia
01.08Day of Azerbaijani Language and AlphabetAzerbaijan
02.08Day of Azerbaijani CinemaAzerbaijan
04.08Matica Slovenská Day in SlovakiaSlovakia
05.08Islamic Human Rights Day in IranIran
08.08August Thursday in AnguillaAnguilla
09.08Book Lovers Day
11.08Day of Armenian National IdentityArmenia
19.08Gai Jatra in NepalNepal
24.08Nostalgia Night in UruguayUruguay
24.08Strange Music Day
29.08Telugu Language Day in IndiaIndia
29.08National Sports Day in IndiaIndia
31.08We Love Memoirs Day
04.09Immigrant's Day in ArgentinaArgentina
06.09Art Break Day
06.09National Read a Book DayUSA
08.09Father's Day in LatviaLatvia
08.09Turkmen Bakshy DayTurkmenistan
09.09Chrysanthemum Day in JapanJapan
10.09Amerindian Heritage Day in GuyanaGuyana
12.09Mindfulness Day
12.09Cinema Day in IranIran
14.09Hindi Day in IndiaIndia
15.09Day of Languages of the Peoples of KazakhstanKazakhstan
15.09Libraries Day in BelarusBelarus
15.09Knowledge Day in AzerbaijanAzerbaijan
15.09Silpa Bhirasri Day in ThailandThailand
16.09Owain Glyndŵr Day in WalesUnited Kingdom
16.09Juliet’s Birthday in VeronaItaly
18.09National Music Day in AzerbaijanAzerbaijan
18.09International Read an eBook Day
18.09Persian Literature and Poetry Day in IranIran
18.09Island Language Day in JapanJapan
21.09Von Steuben DayUSA
23.09Kyrgyz Language Day in KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan
23.09National Day of Women's Political Rights in ArgentinaArgentina
23.09National Day of School Failure Prevention
24.09National Punctuation Day in the USAUSA
26.09European Day of LanguagesEuropean Union
26.09Johnny Appleseed Day in the USAUSA
27.09Manit Day (Culture Day) in the Marshall IslandsMarshall Islands
30.09Day of Libraries in UkraineUkraine
02.10National Batik Day in IndonesiaIndonesia
03.10National Poetry DayUnited Kingdom, Ireland
04.10Cinnamon Roll Day in SwedenSweden
05.10National Wine Day In MoldovaMoldova
05.10State Language Day in TajikistanTajikistan
06.10German-American DayUSA
07.10Double Ninth Festival In ChinaChina, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau
09.10National Nanotechnology Day in the USAUSA
10.10Finnish Literature DayFinland
12.10UN Spanish Language Day
19.10Peruvian-African Friendship Day in PeruPeru
21.10Overseas Chinese Day in TaiwanTaiwan
28.10International Animation Day
29.10Cyrus the Great Day in IranIran
31.10Saci Day in BrazilBrazil
31.10Criollo Music Day in PeruPeru
01.11Revival Leaders' Day in BulgariaBulgaria
05.11Melbourne CupAustralia
05.11Puno Day in PeruPeru
06.11Finnish Swedish Heritage Day in FinlandFinland
07.11Hungarian Opera DayHungary
09.11Cultural Workers and Folk Artists Day in UkraineUkraine
09.11Day of the Skulls in BoliviaBolivia
09.11Ukrainian Writing and Language DayUkraine
10.11Father's DayEstonia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland
10.11Day of Tradition in ArgentinaArgentina
10.11National Pupusa DayEl Salvador
11.11National Education Day in IndiaIndia
11.11Origami Day
14.11National Book Day in IranIran
15.11Schichi-Go-San in JapanJapan
16.11Icelandic Language DayIceland
17.11Kyrgyz Cinema DayKyrgyzstan
21.11Beaujolais Nouveau Day in FranceFrance
22.11Albanian Alphabet DayAlbania
22.11Saint Cecilia’s Day in MexicoMexico
23.11World Watercolor Day
30.11Regina Mundi Day in South AfricaSouth Africa
01.12Sindh Cultural DayPakistan
03.12International Basque Language Day
04.12Epic of Manas Day in KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan
08.12Charity Day in UkraineUkraine
08.12Day of Finnish MusicFinland
11.12National Tango Day in ArgentinaArgentina
12.12National Literature Day in KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan
12.12Kanji Day in JapanJapan
15.12Zamenhof Day
16.12National Sports Day in ThailandThailand
16.12Research Day in IranIran
17.12Day of Belarusian CinemaBelarus
18.12University Unity Day in IranIran
21.12Pancha GanapatiIndia
22.12National Mathematics Day in IndiaIndia
22.12Dongzhi FestivalHong Kong, Taiwan, China, Macau
22.12Pancha GanapatiIndia
23.12Pancha Ganapati in IndiaIndia
24.12Pancha Ganapati in IndiaIndia
25.12Pancha GanapatiIndia
26.12KwanzaaUSA, Canada
27.12KwanzaaUSA, Canada
28.12KwanzaaUSA, Canada
29.12KwanzaaUSA, Canada
29.12International Cello Day
30.12KwanzaaUSA, Canada
31.12KwanzaaUSA, Canada
31.12International Solidarity Day of AzerbaijanisAzerbaijan