Hungarian Opera Day Date in the current year: November 7, 2024

Hungarian Opera Day Hungarian Opera Day is an annual observance held in Hungary on November 7. It was officially established in 2013. The holiday is dedicated to famous Hungarian composer, conductor and pianist Ferenc Erkel who is probably best-known for being the father of Hungarian grand opera.

Ferenc Erkel was born on November 7, 1810 in Gyula. He composed his first opera titled Bátori Mária at the age of 30. Bátori Mária wasn’t just Erkel’s first opera; it is widely regarded as the first Hungarian grand opera, which makes Erkel the father of Hungarian national opera.

In his work, Erkel combined Western European operatic traditions of his time and national musical style. His operas mostly focused on historical themes, such as the struggle of Hungarians against invaders and tyranny. One of Erkel’s most prominent works is Bánk bán. Based on a stage play of the same name by József Katona, it portrays the assassination of Queen Gertrúd.

A theatre in Budapest was named after Ferenc Erkel. The Erkel Theater was opened in 1911 and became part of the Hungarian State Opera House in 1951. By the way, Hungarian Opera Day is dedicated to two major events that happened on November 7: the birthday of Ferenc Erkel and the reopening of the Erkel Theatre after renovations. The holiday is marked with special performances held at theatres throughout Hungary.

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