Lovers' Day in Kazakhstan Date in the current year: April 15, 2024

Lovers' Day in Kazakhstan April 15 is Lovers' Day (also known as Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu Day) in Kazakhstan. This holiday appeared only in 2011 as an answer to international St. Valentine's Day, that is observed on February 14.

The tradition to celebrate Valentine's Day became very popular in Kazakhstan, as well as in other countries around the world. However, national authorities are skeptical to this holiday, that is why they offered youth to celebrate another holiday, Lovers' Day, that has national roots.

A new holiday was included into the annual action plan of Almaty in January 2011. Later the tradition to celebrate Lovers' Day apart from Valentine's Day spread across the country.

A new holiday is still developing and it's to be made interesting and full of various events, that would attract youth's attention to it. This holiday should be totally transformed in order to avoid similarity with Valentine's Day. Lovers' Day is intended to show the beauty and purity of true love and promote chastity.

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