National Mills Day in the Netherlands Date in the current year: May 11, 2024

National Mills Day in the Netherlands National Mills Day in the Netherlands is celebrated on the second Saturday in May. On this day, may wind- and watermills open their doors to general public.

Nowadays, there are about a thousand mills in the Netherlands. These mills are an important part of the country's heritage as they played a significant role in the economic development of the Netherlands. Besides, they are an integral part of the Dutch landscape.

Around 1850s, there were approximately 10,000 windmills in use in the Netherlands. About 1000 of them are still standing, including eight mills in and around Amsterdam. Most of the mills are run by volunteers.

On the occasion of National Mills Day, many mills throughout the country are decorated with flags and flowers. Some mills even open their doors to visitors and organize special activities. They don't charge an entrance fee, but a donation, however small, will always be appreciated.

National Mills Day coincides with National Cycling Day. It is a perfect occasion to go on a mill bike tour.

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