Dhivehi Language Day in the Maldives Date in the current year: April 14, 2024

Dhivehi Language Day in the Maldives Dhivehi Language Day is a Maldivian holiday dedicated to the country's national language. It is celebrated on April 14, marking the birthday of Husain Salahuddin, an influential Maldivian author.

The Maldivian language, also known as Dhivehi, is an Indo-Aryan language predominantly spoken in the Maldives. It is closely related to the Sinhalese language spoken in Sri Lanka, but these languages are not mutually intelligible. The Maldivian language has its own writing system called Thaana.

Dhivehi Language Day was established in 2011. It commemorates Husain Salaahuddin, an influential writer, poet, and essayist who made significant contributions to the development of Maldivian literature.

Husain Salahuddin was born on April 14, 1881. He served in various key positions in the Maldivian government, but is primarily recognized for his contributions to Maldivian literature. He created his own books and translated various books from Persian, Urdu and Arabic into Dhivehi. His magnum opus is The Biography of Prophet Muhammad.

On the occasion of Dhivehi Language Day, schools throughout the country organize various events such as readings, debates etc. By the way, Husain Salahuddin's poetry is required reading in Maldivian schools.

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