Caboclo Day in Brazil Date in the current year: June 24, 2024

Caboclo Day in Brazil On June 24, Brazilians celebrate Caboclo Day (Dia do Caboclo). This is an annual observance that honors one of the country’s ethnic groups. This date is an official public holiday in the state of Amazonas.

A caboclo is a person of part European and part Indigenous Brazilian descent. Most of the first caboclo children were born to Amerindian women married to Portuguese settlers. However, some caboclos are of Spanish, Dutch, French, or Italian descent. The term “caboclo” is also used to refer to culturally assimilated Indigenous Brazilians, but its primary meaning is “a person of mixed European and Amerindian descent”.

The caboclos make up around 21% of Brazil’s population. According to genetic studies, the caboclo population is made up from individuals whose DNA ranges from 70% to 90% European with the remaining percentage spanning various Amerindian markers. The caboclos are part of a larger ethnic group called the pardos. The term “pardo” refers to any person of mixed ethnic ancestry.

Caboclo Day was inaugurated to celebrate the identity and cultural contribution of the first caboclos (children born into mixed European-Amerindian families) and their descendants. Brazil also has holidays dedicated to other ethnic/skin color groups: Mixed Race Day (June 27), Indian Day (April 19), and Black Awareness Day (November 20).

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