Yinekokratia in Greece Date in the current year: January 8, 2019

Yinekokratia in Greece January 8 is a special day for Greek women as far as it is Yinekokratia, the feast of all women. This holiday has got a long story and it stems from ancient times when matriarchy was observed.

Yinekokratia isn't a public or national holiday. This is just a festival of women that is observed in Northern part of the country (mostly in Macedonia) in some villages. Though this festival isn't public, men and especially women like celebrating it.

Every year on January 8 men and women change their roles. Men stay at home with children, cook meals and do chores, and women go to the places where usually men go and celebrate their holiday. In some parts of Greece men join women in celebration of their feast in the evening of the day. There is also another custom when only married couples can celebrate Yinekokratia in the evening.

Although one may think that this festival isn't very important, it is not so. This feast lets men and women understand each other better and respect what they do for their families.

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