Amerindian Heritage Day in Guyana Date in the current year: September 10, 2024

Amerindian Heritage Day in Guyana September is Amerindian Heritage Month in Guyana. During the whole month people of Guyana celebrate the Amerindian heritage, the heritage of the indigenous people. And one of the most important dates is September 10, that marks Amerindian Heritage Day.

The majority of the population of Guyana is Indo-Guyanese nation, that has Indian and South Asian ancestors. Amerindians, who are indigenous peoples of the South and North Americas, are only 10% of the whole population of Guyana. And their unique heritage is protected and praised on national level.

Celebration of Amerindian Heritage Day marks the day, when Stephen Campbell became the first Amerindian Member of Parliament in Guyana on September 10, 1957. In 1995 September was officially designated to be Amerindian Heritage Month. The opening ceremony is held on the first day of September and the festive celebrations take place in a “Heritage Village”, that is chosen annually. However, the major celebration is still held on September 10.

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