Mindfulness Day Date in the current year: September 12, 2024

Mindfulness Day Mindfulness Day is an annual event held on September 12. It was created by Wisdom Publications, a publisher of Buddhist books and practical works on mindfulness.

The term “mindfulness” refers to the practice of developing presence on all aspects of our lives. In other words, it is the intentional, non-judgmental and accepting focus of one's attention on the sensations, thoughts and emotions that are occurring in the present moment.

It is an essential element of Buddhist practice, but over the years it has gone beyond Buddhism and has been popularized in Western countries by psychologists and psychotherapists. Mindfulness is considered to be an effective method to handle one's emotions. John Kabat-Zinn even created a stress reduction program based on the development of mindfulness.

Mindfulness Day was created to raise awareness about the value and benefit of mindfulness and educate people about the ways to train it. On this day, meditation groups and workshops are held to help people find their own way to enjoy mindfulness and integrate it into their lives.

Joining a meditation group is not the only way to celebrate Mindfulness Day. You can read books on mindfulness, reconnect with your family, engage in quite contemplation.

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