National Sports Day in Fiji Date in the current year: June 29, 2024

National Sports Day in Fiji National Sports Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Fiji. It was established in 2014 and has been celebrated from 2015 onwards. The exact date of the holiday varies from year to year, it is finalized by the Fijian Government.

National Sports Day in Fiji was created to encourage national participation in sport regardless of age, gender, race and social background. It focuses on raising public awareness of the value of sports and recognizing the immense contribution made by Fijian athletes.

Activities and events for the day are organized by Fiji National Sports Commission in close cooperation with the Ministry of Sports. These events are aimed to highlight the importance of sport to building a healthy nation and ensuring physical well-being of the country. They also promote healthy and active lifestyle and honor the country's national sporting heroes.

The most popular Sport in Fiji is rugby union, also known as simply rugby. Other widely played sports include rugby league and association football (soccer). Golf, cricket, surfing, sailing, athletics, Asian martial arts, and boxing are also popular. As of 2015, Fiji has competed at 13 Summer Olympics and 3 Winter Olympics, but has no medals.

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