Global Scouse Day Date in the current year: February 28, 2024

Global Scouse Day Global Scouse Day in an annual celebration of the English city of Liverpool that occurs on February 28. It is primarily centered around the city’s signature dish, the meat stew that has become synonymous with all things Liverpool.

Scouse is a meat stew that is usually made from chunks of lamb or beef, potatoes, carrots, and onions. The name “scouse” is the shortened form of “lobscouse”, a term with unknown roots that dates back to the early 18th century. Liverpudlians shortened “lobscouse” to “scouse” by the end of the 18th century.

The stew was commonly made by European sailors from chunks of leftover meat and whatever vegetables were in season at the time. In most modern recipes, chunks of meat, potatoes, carrots and onions are the essential ingredients. Some recipes include additional ingredients such as celery root, sweet potatoes, rutabaga, leeks, peas, lentils, and various herbs such as basil, parsley or rosemary.

Over time, scouse has become particularly associated with the port city of Liverpool to the point that the highly distinctive Liverpool accent and dialect of English is referred to as the Scouse accent, and Liverpudlians are commonly called Scousers.

Global Scouse Day was founded by traveler Graham Hughes, best known as the first person to visit all UN member states without flying. Hughes and his friends had a tradition of having a “scouse supper” (inspired by Burns supper) on Hughes’s birthday, February 28. When he left the country to travel in 2008, his friends continued the tradition.

Over the course of the next five years, a small gathering of friends transformed into a citywide celebration. It was officially named Global Scouse Day and has since become an annual event in Liverpool and beyond. Global Scouse Day is more than just a cultural celebration; it is used to raise money for various charities and provide free food to the homeless.

The week of February 28 is filled with various events held in and around Liverpool. They include various performances, competitions and contests (including an annual “Scouse Off” competition), sing-a-longs, shared reading sessions, and more.

On the occasion of Global Scouse Day, more than 100 restaurants, bars and cafes in Liverpool put scouse on the menu for the day even if they don’t normally serve it. Scouse is also served in the city’s schools and hospitals, as well as on Virgin Trains across the UK. Venues in other British cities and even abroad, in countries such as Australia and the United States, participate in the event too by offering their patrons a taste of Liverpool’s signature dish.

Of course, the best way to celebrate Global Scouse Day is to make a trip to Liverpool and enjoy the festivities, but we realize that this option isn’t for everyone. Luckily, there are many other ways to celebrate! You can cook scouse at home (it is pretty easy to make but takes time because the ingredients are simmered together for a few hours), listen to The Beatles, try learning the Scouse accent, and spread the word about the holiday on social media with the hashtags #GlobalScouseDay and #ScouseDay.

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