National Tango Day in Argentina Date in the current year: December 11, 2018

National Tango Day in Argentina National Tango Day is celebrated in Argentina on December 11. This date was chosen to commemorate the birthday of two men: Carlos Gardel, a prominent figure in the history of tango, and Julio de Caro, the orchestra conductor in the tango genre.

We should thank composer Ben Molar for Establishment of National Tango Day. He came up with the idea that de Caro and Gardel were born on the same day, that is why he decided organize a special celebration. He presented his proposal to the Secretary of Culture of the Municipality in Buenos Aires, but he was refused. It took long 11 years and a final ultimatum to organize Tango Day and receive a coverage by mass media on his own. Finally it worked and Tango Day was organized in Buenos Aires on December 11, 1977. The same year the celebration of Tango Day was promoted to the national level.

Visiting Buenos Aires on National Tango Day is a real adventure. Every one can immerse oneself into multiple tango festivities and watch dancers performing tango or go to dancing school and learn several basic steps.

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