Family, Love and Fidelity Day in Russia Date in the current year: July 8, 2024

Family, Love and Fidelity Day in Russia Family, Love and Fidelity Day is a relatively new Russian celebration, that is dedicated to family and its values. The holiday was established in 2008 and it's annually observed on July 8.

The idea of creation of the holiday was supported by the deputies of the State Duma (the lower house of the Federal Assembly of Russia, which is a main legislative body). The holiday was established on March 26, 2008 and appointed on July 8.

Then-first lady of Russia Svetlana Medvedeva was one of the main initiators of popularization of this holiday. It was her, who created the symbol of the holiday, a chamomile. Her symbol was supported and adopted by the organizing committee.

A special medal For Love and Fidelity was established in 2008. It's annually awarded to couples, who together lived their life in a marriage for more that 25 years and had a positive experience in raising of children.

This holiday is very often called an alternative celebration of St. Valentines' Day.

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