UN Spanish Language Day Date in the current year: October 12, 2019

UN Spanish Language Day In 2010, UNESCO established commemorative days of UN official languages in order to promote their equal use and celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity. Spanish Language Day is celebrated on October 12.

This date was chosen to coincide with the national day of Spain. It commemorates the anniversary of Christopher Columbus' arrival to the Americas. The holiday is also known as Dia de la Hispanidad (the term “Hispanidad” refers to the community of all the people who share Hispanic culture and heritage). In many countries in Latin America, October 12 is celebrated as Day of the Race.

The Spanish language is the second most widely spoken language in the world (by the number of native speakers) and the third language by the number of total speakers. Spanish is the first language of over 440 million people in Europe, Latin America, and Africa (namely Equatorial Guinea). It has a number of regional varieties and dialects. All these varieties can be divided into two groups: European Spanish and Latin American Spanish.

Spanish is the de jure or de facto official language in 20 sovereign states and one dependent entity (Puerto Rico). It is one of the six official languages of the UN, it is also used as an official language by many other international organizations.

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