Racial Harmony Day in Singapore Date in the current year: July 21, 2024

Racial Harmony Day in Singapore The mass race riots, that occurred in Singapore in 1964, became the basis for creation of Racial Harmony Day. This holiday is celebrated in Singapore on July 21 to commemorate the innocent victims of the riots.

On July 2, 1964 about 25,000 Muslim Malays organized a religious procession at the Padang (an open playing field) to celebrate birthday of Muhammad. That peaceful procession was coordinated by 212 Muslim organizations, but it quickly turned violent. The riots were started by ultra-nationalists United Malays National Organization of Singapore, that had been pressing for special rights of the Malays. Government of Singapore had to declare a curfew to restore order. The curfew was completely lifted only on August 2, 11 days after start of the riots.

During the riots 23 people were killed and 454 injured. Additionally government arrested 3,000 people, 600 of them were secret members of societies. 256 were charged with possession of dangerous weapons, the rest were arrested on charge for violation of the curfew.

Celebration of Racial Harmony Day is aimed to support rich racial diversity of Singapore. Special events are mostly held at schools, where students are encouraged to wear their national clothes on this day.

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