Zamenhof Day Date in the current year: December 15, 2024

Zamenhof Day An estimated 2 million people around the world speak Esperanto, the first most widely spoken constructed language. These people annually celebrate Zamenhof Day on December 15. This is a very important holiday, that draws public attention to Esperanto.

Zamenhof Day was established to commemorate birthday anniversary of Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof, a Polish physician, who invented Esperanto. He introduced the first version of his international language Lingwe uniwersala in 1878 during his birthday party. At that time Zamenhof was only 19 years old. By 1887 his language evolved into present-day Esperanto and the first book in Esperanto Unua Libro was published.

Some Esperanto-speaking people don't want to celebrate achievements of one man only, that is why they suggest celebrating December 15 as Esperanto Literature Day. They encourage all individuals to buy a new Esperanto book and organizations to hold meetings. Esperanto-speaking people around the world gather for special parties to celebrate this event.

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